Cooperation with outside counsel

QCS Law Firm enjoys well established working relationships with outside counsel specialised in the following sectors:
  • administrative law labour and social security law tax law;
  • criminal law;
  • administrative procedures through trademarks and patent agencies.

Seminars, training and conventions

Seminars and training courses for managers and employees of business entities and organisations (also held at the respective premises), designed to illustrate and exemplify rules of conduct relevant to their respective activities and involving specific sectors (i.e. antitrust, advertising, privacy, the administrative liability of organisations, safety of work environment, civil procedure, consumer protection, etc.). Conventions regarding various sectors of civil and business law, especially on topics most closely involving business entities.
Labour Law

Labour Law

  • assistance and consulting to business entities and organisations with regard to issues involving labour relations with employees and external resources, with the expertise of specialists in the sector, when necessary.
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